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Free Speech Leads To False Arrest – Mental Asylum

American Citizen, Rocco Iannacchino, on January 8, 2014, formerly put in a claim against the NYPD for a False Arrest that led to being involuntarily committed to Bellevue Hospital for 23 days even though he did not meet the criteria for such drastic actions to have been taken.

A complete video account of the Union Square Free Speech Massacre can be seen below.

It was August 8, 2011.  Mr. Iannacchino had reason to believe he was being illegally harassed by factions of the United States Government. Mr. Iannacchino brought his wife and child to New York City and wanted to reach the United Nations, but did not know the address.

It was then that Mr. Iannacchino decided to pull over at Union Square Park where he approached a group of about 30 New Yorkers. In a calm voice, exercising his right to free speech, Mr. Iannacchino told his story.  Many of the people that were attentively listening to the impassioned speech were also video taping.

  A complete video recording of the events that transpired on August 8, 2011 at Union Square Park, with sound from speech to arrest,  was recently discovered  on Youtube.

Part 1:

Part 2:

It was during the end of Mr. Iannacchino’s speech that a  policeman with handcuffs came over and put them on Mr. Iannacchino.

At this point the crowd became angry, most likely because they didn’t understand why this was being done to Mr. Iannacchino who was calm and collected, and he was exercising his Constitutional Right to free speech. Mr. Iannacchino was then arrested for an apparent retaliation for this protected form of free speech.

Pandemonium ensued and the crowd began to taunt the police officer. A chorus of booing began.  Then two more police officers came to assist, and then two more. By the looks of it, there must of been 20 policeman or more.

The Official Medical Record from the hospital stated the following:

“According to the report, he was yelling in Union Square, and people were egging

him on.”

The video proves there wasn’t any “egging him on;”  the evidence from the video shows the crowd was asking intelligent questions.

Questions such as: What is your name?

The Medical Report goes on to say, “Eventually the NYPD arrived as they were hailed by bystanders.”

Who? What are their names? Why would they react in such a way? Do they call

the police every time they hear a homeless person on each corner do something?

Why was Mr. iannacchino singled out?  This was politically motivated.

“Patient had to be restrained.”

The hospital hid the true fact from Mr. Iannacchino’s family that he was indeed actually arrested – falsely.  The video evidence proves this. The hospital had the family believing Mr. Iannacchino was “restrained,” when in fact he had been arrested.  WHY?

See for yourself.. Watch the video.  Was Mr. Iannacchino arrested? Yes.

Watching the video, does Mr. iannacchino seem to be a danger to himself or to others? The answer is NO. The video once again proves this fact.

Mr. Iannacchino was arrested  because of what he was talking about. Why is the law being interpreted differently for Mr. Iannacchino? This form of free speech is protected.  It’s called Political Dissent.  It seems to this reporter and from the disapproving audience in the video that this was retaliation against what Mr. Iannacchino was talking about.

The Medical Report goes on to say,

“He was admitted on a 9.39 status, and started on Risperdone but he refused to

take it.”

9.39 status states: “Likelihood to result in serious harm” as used in this

article shall mean: 1. substantial risk of physical harm to himself as

manifested by threats of or attempts at suicide or serious bodily harm

or other conduct demonstrating that he is dangerous to himself, or 2.

a substantial risk of physical harm to other persons as manifested by

homicidal or other violent behavior by which others are placed in

reasonable fear of serious physical harm.”

On August 8, 2011 Mr. Iannacchino in no way met the criteria in any way to be arrested  – “involuntarily committed.” Mr. Iannacchino’s entire stay at the NYC Hospital was built on a false premise of being “on a 9.39 status.”

Risperdone is a drug used for Bi-Polar and Schitzophrenics. Mr. Iannacchino is neither and has no prior history of any kind of mental illness.  Mr. Iannacchino’s health was put into a very dangerous situation.

Mr. Iannacchino was dangerously misdiagnosed with Schizophrenia at 43!  Mr. Iannacchino was forced for a year to take dangerous life threatening drugs and “treatment” at various hospitals and doctors.

About a year ago, Mr. Iannacchino decided to stop the drugs and walk away from the insanity.

Mr. Iannacchino who was at the time of his arrest, running 3 to 5 miles a day, a Vegan, happily married with child, an award winning, Grammy voting, filmmaker-musician with no history of mental illness whatsoever who had just completed his Masters Degree – was hauled off to Bellevue Hospital where the nightmare and horror would go on for 23 days.

“It was like being in an MK ULTRA Mind Control experiment,” Mr Iannacchino said.

Mr. Iannacchino, at the time, age 43, was misdiagnosed as a Schizophrenic and forced to take dangerous drugs that ruined his health.  Mr. Iannacchino was told by one of the doctors that they were going to keep him a long time.

Feeling utterly desperate, Mr. Iannacchino attempted to escape and nearly broke his arm from being slammed into a door by a security guard. Mr. Iannacchino was then placed in an isolation room, hog tied by the arms and legs.  Mr. Iannacchino states that whatever he was injected with made him urinate to large buckets of urine.

“It was embarrassing as I had to ask a worker to pull my penis out of my shorts, hold a bucket so I could relieve myself. Two large buckets worth of urine I eliminated as some patients and staff watched me do this. I received no medical attention for my bloodied and battered arm while in the holding cell either.”  Mr. Iannacchino stated.

Mr. Iannacchino further went on.. “My left arm turned completely black. I couldn’t move it. I thought I was going to lose my arm.”

This event of trying to escape, “Elope” is the medical term, was used by doctors as an excuse to extend Mr. Iannacchino’s “visit” from 3 days to 23 days.. The doctors told his wife that he presented a danger to himself by attempting to escape, and therefore needed to be “further evaluated.”

Mr. Iannacchino also alleges that during his stay that he was subjected to sleep deprivation, and that the drugs had him pacing around all day and night.

“I couldn’t sit still and do anything but pace. I did not sleep for 23 days.”  Mr. Iannacchino stated.

Mr Iannacchino also alleges that a “doctor” injected a vile of liquid into his thumb in the room before the Emergency Room, and that a police officer assisted in strong-arming Mr. Iannacchino’s already handcuffed wrists down so he couldn’t move.

Mr. Iannacchino did try to resist. And Mr. Iannacchino’s wife did witness this event.

Soon after in the weeks and days that followed, Mr. Iannacchino experienced night sweats, chills, unexplained fevers and lost 20 pounds during his stay at the facility.  This “procedure” and the “doctor” do not appear anywhere on the official medical records that Mr. Iannacchino got back from the hospital.

Mr. Iannacchino: “I was not able to pass stool for over a month. That is what was insane.”

Mr. Iannacchino was also forced to take a CT Brain Scan as a condition of his release. He was told if he took the dangerous CT scan he would be going home sooner.

“I knew it was dangerous, but I wanted to get home to my wife and kid,” Mr. Iannacchino stated.  No abnormalities were noted by CT scan staff.

After his “treatment” at Bellevue Hospital, for over a year Mr. Iannacchino was forced to take dangerous medication that had no therapeutic value. His health declined and was not able to run at all.  Mr. Iannacchino also put on forty pounds.

Mr. Iannacchino first started to put his life together by stopping the “treatments” and the drugs. Now, after a year of detoxifying his body and mind he has again resumed to running 3 to 5 miles a day.  Mr. Iannacchino has released his third self-produced album, Kyrie by Rocco, and has also just released his self-produced film, Kyrie, that is available exclusively by digital download on the website  For the first time in nearly three years Mr. Iannacchino is starting to feel like himself again.

Although, Mr. Iannacchino has had to be his own attorney because he believes that no attorney will touch his case, even though it is a slam dunk in his favor.

“I suspect that the people who harassed me have gotten to every single lawyer I have attempted to work with.”  Mr. Iannacchino stated.

Mr. Iannacchino’s beliefs may seem paranoid, but consider this: Mr. Iannacchino’s case was declined by the ACLU.  Isn’t this the type of cases the ACLU takes on with fury?  This is a constitutional issue, not a medical one. And besides, we, as Americans are allowed to believe and think and say anything we want.  Aren’t we?

Imagine if someone put handcuffs on you for speaking to a group of people about your religious beliefs, and then hauled you off to a mental ward, gave you a false diagnosis and forced you to be confined for weeks and forced you to take drugs that caused dangerous, life threatening side effects?  And then further harmed you by agreeing to being medicated upon release for the rest of your life?

Even if Mr. Iannacchino dressed up as Santa Claus and gave a speech that he was Santa Claus, and even if he truly believed he was Santa Claus, you can not take away his freedom by arresting him and subjecting him to harmful drugs.

One can only be arrested and committed if they are a danger to themselves or anyone else.  PERIOD.

It is interesting to note that on August 16th, 2012 former Marine, Brandon J. Raub was falsely arrested and brought to a mental ward, and was released only a few days later. Raub garnered media attention, a law firm to represent him and a following on Facebook.  No disrespect to Mr. Raub’s situation, but in no way Raub’s case comes even close to what Mr. Iannacchino’s horrific experience has been.

To date, human rights groups worldwide, whistleblower websites worldwide, and media have been silent.  Major news organizations around the world have been contacted.  Not one has even enquired about Mr. Iannacchino’s story until now.

On August 8th 2011,  Mr. Iannacchino’s Constitutional Rights and Human Rights were clearly violated. He was arrested, committed and tortured. We must make sure this does not happen again!  Mr. Iannacchino has put in a claim with the Comptroller of the City of New York for an undisclosed amount.  Mr. Iannacchino is open to any law firm that specializes in Constitutional Rights and Human Rights to please contact him.

Throughout all Mr. Iannacchino has been able to find some humor in all of this..

“One of the doctors wrote on my medical record that I was depressed because I was trying to self fund a movie, had no job, and that this financial strain caused a sad home life that caused me to snap.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We had zero debt on the day this went down, but just 23 days later we had a bill for over $32,000!  Now that’s what I call insane.”

Was Mr. Iannacchino exercising Free Speech or is he mentally ill?

You be the judge.

Either way, guess what?  You can not deny a person his fundamental right to free speech due to a handicap.

A full video of Mr. Iannacchino’s speech and arrest that transpired on 08-08-11  Union Square Park, NYC

Part 1:

Part 2:

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